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Why Does PEMF Cause Muscle Movement?

Muscle Movement: Is it Necessary?

During a MagnaWave session, it’s common to see the muscles palpitating around the area of the attachment coil. This is completely normal as long as the animal looks comfortable with the power setting. It should be noted that muscle movement is NOT required for your animal to receive PEMF benefits. DO NOT increase the machine just to see muscle movement. Read your animal’s body language to see if they’re comfortable and adjust accordingly. 

Detection of Sensitive Areas

Muscle movement during a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) session is common, particularly in areas experiencing inflammation, lactic acid buildup, or scar tissue. This occurs because the magnetic fields generated by MagnaWave influence cellular and molecular processes differently in these affected regions. When exposed to PEMF, cells experience increased cellular metabolism. This means an increased uptake and utilization of nutrients and oxygen, leading to improved cellular function and energy production. Additionally, PEMF reduces inflammatory cytokines, which are signaling molecules that drive inflammation and contribute to pain and swelling.

As a result of these combined effects—boosted cell metabolism and decreased inflammatory responses—muscle tissues respond with visible movements. MagnaWave promotes better circulation and accelerates the body’s natural healing mechanisms, ultimately contributing to pain relief and improved mobility.


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