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MagnaWave Machine Power

How is Power Regulated?


In analog machines like the Julian, Julian Duo, and Sol Pro, the PEMF signal is created using a spark chamber. This spark chamber contains two adjustable electrodes controlled by the machine’s power level. When the machine’s power is set high, the electrodes in the spark chamber move further apart, creating a stronger spark. Conversely, when the machine is set low, the electrodes move closer together, creating a weaker spark. 


In digital machines like the Semi 10, Maia Pro, and Spiro Klick, the PEMF signal is created using a computer controller and electronic switch. The controller signals the desired power level and closes an electronic switch when it reaches that set power level. It then transfers all the energy to the attachment coil.

For a more in-depth description check out our Analog PEMF Machines Vs. Digital PEMF Machines blog post.

Power Level by Size

Why do we have 6 different machines? The simple answer is power. Each machine has a different power level depending on size. Larger machines like the Julian and Maia Pro have higher power and therefore require shorter sessions to achieve the same results. Larger machines are built to withstand back-to-back sessions, making these machines perfect for practitioners looking to do quick, efficient sessions multiple times a day. For this reason, we recommend larger machines for those looking to start a business using PEMF. Smaller machines like the Spiro Klick and Semi 10 still achieve the same results but may require longer sessions. We recommend small machines for people looking for personal-use devices.

Analog Vs. Digital: Which is better?

This comes down to preference. Both analog and digital machines create high-powered PEMF. The only difference between them is the feeling. We like to describe the feeling of PEMF using the analogy of a pencil poking your muscle. Analog machines create a sharper feeling pulse. It feels like the tip of a pencil poking your muscle. While a digital machine creates a duller feeling pulse. It feels like the eraser of a pencil poking your muscle.

Determining Comfort

When MagnaWaving an animal, it is important to read their body language. Always start sessions on a low setting to introduce the animal to the PEMF and watch their behavior as you increase the power. Animals should appear relaxed during the session and show signs of release such as yawning, licking, or chewing. These releases are completely normal and are a result of the detoxing properties of the PEMF. If the animal pulls away from the coil or flinches, turn the power down to where they appear comfortable.  

Muscle Movement

When the PEMF signal faces resistance in the body, such as areas of inflammation, it may create muscle movement. This movement does not cause pain in the area unless the power level is too high. Animals will quickly alert you if the signal is too high by pulling away or flinching. MagnaWave practitioners are trained to gauge the comfort of the animal and adjust their machine accordingly. We recommend starting sessions on a low setting, and adding power as you see fit. If an animal is comfortable, they will appear relaxed.

Muscle movement is NOT required for effective results. Some animals may not exhibit muscle movement at all. They are still achieving the same results as those who exhibit muscle movement.