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Spiro Klick: Hands-Free PEMF

MagnaWave PEMF Spiro Klick on horse

Our Newest Machine

Introducing MagnaWave’s newest product, the Spiro Klick! The Spiro Klick is an extension of the Spiro, offering a hands-free solution to PEMF sessions. It comes with:

  • Spiro: Small, high-powered PEMF device
  • XL Wave Wings: Attachment used to target large areas of the body
  • Battery Pack: Rechargeable battery with a 146 Wh capacity
  • Mount: Holds the machine and the battery pack with adjustable straps to fit various sizes

The Spiro Klick is perfect for the busy practitioner looking for quick and easy sessions on chaotic show days. *Only use the Spiro Klick when the animal is in a stall area and remove the unit when a session is complete.



Horse with MagnaWave xl wave wings

Spiro Klick vs. PEMF Blanket

The Spiro Klick is comparable to other PEMF blankets on the market due to its portability and hands-free element. However, PEMF blankets are considered low-powered PEMF, while the Spiro Klick is considered high-powered PEMF. What does this mean? High-powered PEMF devices penetrate deeper, leading to quicker session times and faster results. The Spiro Klick can deliver up to 500 times more power than competing PEMF blankets, while still providing a comfortable, pain-free experience for the animal. With high-powered PEMF, you can expect faster results for your animal and shorter session times. 

Rent-to-Rent Opportunity

MagnaWave offers the Rent-to-Rent Program for Certified Practitioners ONLY to rent a Spiro Klick for $275/month for 6 months. During this period, the practitioner may rent out their Spiro Klick to their customers weekly or monthly to help pay off the machine. By the end of the 6 months, the practitioner may purchase the machine or continue renting it with interest. All rental costs from the first 6 months go towards the purchase price of the machine.

MagnaWave PEMF Spiro Klick on horse

Want to Try the Spiro Klick?

If you’re a Certified Practitioner, contact your product specialist for details. If you’re new fill out the form below!