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PEMF for Open Wounds and Injuries


*Consult a veterinarian in cases of deep wounds, active bleeding, or infection*

Does MagnaWave Help Open Wounds?

Researchers have conducted numerous studies to determine the benefits of Pulsing Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) on wounds and found that PEMF is “effective at promoting wound healing in part because of enhanced vascularization and associated tissue perfusion and oxygenation” (Gaynor, Hagburg, & Gerfein)As a result, PEMF is increasingly used by veterinarians to accelerate healing in soft tissue wounds and chronic wounds.

Open Wounds On a Cellular Level

MagnaWave’s safe, non-invasive technology penetrates every cell, tissue, organ, and bone to stimulate electrical and chemical processes in the tissues. Disruption of the natural electromagnetic energy in cells causes impaired cellular metabolism, affecting the ability to heal and function properly. PEMF rejuvenates these cells by improving cellular metabolism and regeneration abilities. Furthermore, blood circulation improves and oxygen distribution increases, expediting the natural healing of wounds. 

Research Studies

Auburn University

Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine conducted a study on how PEMF benefits open wounds in dogs. The dogs received PEMF sessions twice a day starting the day before surgery until 21 days after surgery. Researchers noted the wounds of the control group had a negative value for wound contraction, while the dogs who used PEMF showed a positive value for wound contraction. They concluded that PEMF relieves open wounds without significant short-term changes in other variables.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Another study by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Department of Habilitation Sciences researched how PEMF benefits open wounds in diabetic rats. Researchers found the PEMF enhanced the tensile strength of diabetic wounds and hypothesized an increase in the myofibroblast population, contributing to wound closure. PEMF successfully managed post-surgical pain, edema, and chronic wounds.


*Graphic Content Warning*

“Meet Tilly. She got herself a nasty wound itching on something she shouldn’t have. This wound happened on 4-14-23, and we started on 4-17-23 with a whole-body session. I MagnaWaved her wound every day for a week. During the sessions, you could see the circulation as the wound drained. After the first week, we did two sessions a week. I’m pretty happy with the results so far. MagnaWave helped this girl through the pain and helped her heal tremendously!”⁠

-Laci Krebs, Certified Practitioner

“This three-year-old filly kicked through plywood and into metal. Since she arrived at my farm, I have used the Julian on her every other day for about a month. The accident happened about 7 weeks ago. Completely sound.”⁠

Abby Shidler, Certified Practitioner

“This dog had a puncture wound on his eye. His vet wanted to remove the eye, but his owners took him to me to try MagnaWave first. I MagnaWaved it two days a week for three weeks, and as you can see from the photo, the dog’s eye recovered, and his family couldn’t be happier!”

-Kori Schexnayder, Certified Practitioner 

“My personal horse had an accident while in PA on a trail ride. We hit a patch of quicksand, and as he sunk, I saw metal pipes coming up through the ground. Here are the photos of his underbelly and how well he healed using MagnaWave and my Red Light! I have had so many other successes like this with clients. Truly remarkable and so awesome to be a crucial part of the healing process.”⁠

-Michelle Nicastro, Certified Practitioner

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