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MagnaWave PEMF for Hoof Abscesses

What is an Abscess?

Equine abscesses are a common cause of sudden lameness, an inevitable encounter for many horse owners. An abscess occurs when bacteria enter the hoof and become trapped. The bacteria creates pus, which builds up pressure in the hoof, leading to a lame and sensitive horse. Abscesses can form from a wound, poor hoof quality, and wet or extremely dry environments. The accumulation of pus is similar to a pimple in humans, but an abscess is more difficult to “pop” as it has trouble escaping. Common symptoms include:

  • Lameness
  • Pain and sensitivity due to pressure
  • Heat on the hoof or coronary band
  • Secretion of pus

*We recommend consulting with your veterinarian to develop the best recovery plan for your horse.



How MagnaWave can Help 

Managing a horse’s hoof abscess with MagnaWave may help expedite the recovery process. MagnaWave PEMF stimulates circulation and oxygenation in the blood, allowing the body to heal itself more effectively. This increased circulation moves the infection along by pulling the abscess closer to the surface. Once the pus is released, the pressure is relieved and the pain and swelling go with it. We have found MagnaWave can pull abscesses after just a few sessions.  

Using the Right Attachment

Addressing hoof issues is easy with MagnaWave. Every machine comes with a large loop and a butterfly loop. Both these attachments can be used for hoof issues like abscesses, navicular, quarter cracks, etc. But if you’re seeking to target two hoofs at once, the MagEnergy Mat attachment, paired with its durable cover, the MagEnergy Mat Guard (pictured), offers a convenient, effective solution

You may also consider the Zoom Paddle attachment along with its cover, the Zoom Hoof Box, for a more concentrated PEMF signal for those stubborn abscesses.


*Graphic Content Warning*

“This was my personal gelding. He ended up with double abscesses on the same hoof. I magnawaved him right away. Twice a day for the first 2 days then gradually worked it down to twice a week. He did well with it. I also included Epsom salt soaks and clay poultice. He didnt end up needing ANY medications!”

–Stephenie Fox, Certified Practitioner

“This mare was non-weight bearing on this front right foot with no signs of abscess or gravel. I worked on her with my Sol Pro for 3 days at a power level 9-10 for an hour each day. By the time I finished the third session, this was what it looked like. She was weight-bearing. The owner competed on the mare the next three days with no problems and won money at her event.”

Brittany Schweigert, Certified Practitioner

“This mare was 3-legged lame yesterday. By the way she was walking, we were convinced there was a fracture somewhere. I did 15 mins on Level 10. This morning she blew an abscess in her heel. She was standing immediately after.”

Rachel Vitorelo, Certified Practitioner

Try MagnaWave for Hoof Abscesses

If you suspect your horse has an abscess forming, talk to your veterinarian and ask about MagnaWave PEMF. We have over 2,000 Certified Practitioners nationwide, so find one in your area today!