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MagnaWave on Exotic Animals

Meet Whopper

Whopper the bear is a 25-year-old Kodiak bear actor who appears in movies like Grizzly Falls (1999) and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004). Like any other animal, bears can experience joint pain and inflammation, and this movie star is no exception.

Whopper experiences arthritis and soreness in his back and hind end, causing him difficulty when sitting, lying down, and standing back up.

Seeking out a solution to Whopper’s condition, his owners discovered the MagnaWave Practitioner Map where they came into contact with Certified Practitioner Shelly McNamara of Ontario, Canada, and booked a trial session.

Working with Exotics

Exotic animals can be very dangerous, so when Shelly McNamara got the call to MagnaWave Whopper, she made sure to do her research and plan the best course of action with his owners. 

“Whopper will always be a no-touch bear! He doesn’t like being touched,” Shelly said. “We trained him to sit on a box with the pet mat or loops inside and have the large loop on a stick to hold around him.”

Despite the no-touch rule, he is quite comfortable around Shelly during his MagnaWave sessions. When Whopper sees her setting up her workspace for his session, he immediately comes over on his own accord to stand on the box.

After 4 sessions with Shelly, Whopper can sit up comfortably, and according to his owners, seems much happier and loves his MagnaWave sessions.



Cheetah Girls

Through Whopper’s owners, Shelly was also able to MagnaWave two older cheetahs named Annie and Robin. Cheetahs are prone to gastric issues, so Shelly introduced them to the MagEnergy Mat attachment (placed under their crate liner) and watched as both girls settled onto the mat and purred.

Shelly said that one of the cheetahs, Annie, had something bothering her throat that her vets could not pinpoint. She decided to use the Zoom Paddle on Annie’s throat to help ease discomfort. Annie laid her head on top of the Zoom Paddle in her trainer’s lap and allowed her to MagnaWave her throat for short periods.

While Shelly has only just begun using MagnaWave on the cheetahs and cannot see significant changes yet, their owners are pleased with how comfortable Annie and Robin are becoming with MagnaWave and think they will be able to start increasing session times outside of the crates


Get started

It is important to note that you should always work with your veterinarian to create a wellness plan for your animal. Shelly McNamara’s experiences with Whopper, Annie, and Robin prove that the opportunities are limitless with MagnaWave. If you’d like to learn more about using MagnaWave for exotic animals contact us.