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MagnaWave PEMF for equine anhidrosis


Anhidrosis is a condition where a horse does not sweat, and usually occurs in the summertime. When left unattended, it can turn into serious problems such as hyperthermia.  Sweating is the body’s way to maintain thermoregulation and keep the internal temperature in check. When a horse loses the ability to sweat, it is a challenge for owners to maintain the comfort of the horse, especially in hot and humid temperatures.


Anhidrosis occurs mostly during the summertime, with hot, humid climates. The main cause is not well-defined, but is believed to be caused by over stimulation of the sweat glands by stress hormones, in the hottest portion of the year. Some horses may stop sweating completely, and others may have reduced sweat or only sweat in certain locations of the body.  


PEMF helps increase the blood flow and oxygenation to the areas of concern to stimulate the sweat glands. The sweat glands are located all over a horses body, but riding horses tend to sweat more along the girth, saddle area, chest, and neck. PEMF can also lead to a relaxing sensation, and some horses almost fall asleep during sessions!

Wendy Cassidy, owner of Power Through You LLC shares her successful experiences addressing a couple of horses with anhidrosis. She has years of experience and knowledge with MagnaWave to help all of her human and four legged clients alike! 

Nice horse

“The first one is Saga, an Icelandic Pony 23 years old who had quit sweating for quite some time. . . She started sweating a little bit after the first session, and after the 2nd sessions she was sweating like she should.” -Wendy Cassidy

“He (Root Beer) had stopped sweating last summer and was basically in his stall with a giant fan (it looked like a propeller off an airplane) on him all day to help keep him cool.  He started sweating after the 2nd session. . . and continued for the rest of the summer.” -Wendy Cassidy

MagnaWave works at the cellular level to help your horse recover from anhidrosis. Help your horse by scheduling a MagnaWave session and discuss a plan with your veterinarian. Electrolytes and other supplements may be needed to help your horse get back to normal sweating and in good health throughout the hot summer months!


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November 16, 2023