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Analog PEMF Machines Vs. Digital PEMF Machines

The main difference between analog and digital PEMF machines is how they generate power. MagnaWave’s analog machines use a spark chamber to generate electromagnetic pulses, while MagnaWave’s digital machines use a computer chip to generate electromagnetic pulses.

Analog Machine: How it Works

An analog machine has 4 components: a power source, a capacitor, a spark chamber, and an attachment.

The Capacitor

A capacitor is an energy storage device. When it connects to a power source, the capacitor charges up to store the energy. When the capacitor hits a particular power level, it empties its energy into the spark chamber where the electrodes regulate the energy.

The Spark Chamber

The spark chamber contains two electrodes that move closer or further together depending on the machine’s setting. If the electrodes are farther apart, the spark generated will be stronger. If they’re closer together, the spark generated will be weaker. The separated power builds until it hits a level that will cause a spark to jump between the two electrodes. When that occurs, the generated power travels out of the coil and forms a circle around the attachment loop.

The Attachment

Once the signal forms a circle around the attachment coil, a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) forms, penetrating the body, increasing blood oxygen levels, and stimulating cellular metabolism. The PEMF frequency and intensity depend on the machine settings and the attached coil.

Analog PEMF Machines vs Digital PEMF Machines

Digital Machine: Functioning Without a Spark Chamber

A digital machine has the same components as an analog machine, except instead of a spark chamber, it has an electronic switch and a controller.

Analog PEMF Machines vs Digital PEMF Machines

The Process

Once the capacitor connects to a power source, a controller signals the desired power level. Once the capacitor reaches that set power level, it closes an electronic switch, transferring all the capacitor’s energy to the attachment coil. From there, the energy forms a circle around the attachment loop, delivering the PEMF signal to the body.

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