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Alleviating Arthritis with MagnaWave

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a common medical condition characterized by inflammation and swelling of the joints, leading to discomfort and pain. The disease may result from various factors, such as age, injury, or genetic predisposition. Arthritis causes stiffness and difficulty walking, impacting the animal’s overall quality of life. PEMF is a common modality in managing pain and inflammation to ensure these animals live comfortably.

How PEMF Can Help

PEMF delivers electromagnetic pulses to the affected area, penetrating every cell, tissue, organ, and bone, stimulating and rejuvenating the cells. This modality is drug-free and non-invasive, making it an ideal choice for animal lovers who prefer natural remedies or want to avoid the potential side effects of medication. Benefits include:

  • Reducing Inflammation: Essential for recovery and maintaining peak physical condition.
  • Pain Reduction: PEMF helps alleviate the discomfort associated with arthritis by targeting the inflammatory process at the cellular level.
  • Improved Circulation: PEMF enhances blood flow around the inflamed areas. Improved circulation brings more oxygen and nutrients, reducing swelling and aiding recovery.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Reduced pain and inflammation allow animals to move more freely. This improvement in mobility is crucial, as it directly impacts their quality of life and productivity.


      Several studies have shown positive outcomes with the use of PEMF for arthritis. PEMF alleviates pain and inflammation, stimulates cartilage repair, and enhances the animal’s overall mobility. 


      Researchers conducted a PEMF study on dogs with osteoarthritis (OA), the most common cause of chronic pain in dogs. In the group of dogs who received PEMF, 84% improved by at least one grade at the halfway mark and 92% by the end. Researchers found that “PEMF is a non-invasive remedy, free of adverse effects, easy to employ, and useful for controlling pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis” Pinna, et al. (2012).


      Another study used PEMF on bovines with cartilage degeneration, an underlying cause of arthritis. Researchers found PEMF “counteract[ed] the progression of OA by acting on both cartilage cellularity and cartilage extracellular matrix in cartilage previously treated with a high dose of interleukin,” a potent pro-inflammatory cytokine that contributes to tissue damage. 

      MagnaWave PEMF is a powerful tool to use in conjunction with any therapies or medication your animal already takes. Please consult your veterinarian before adding any modalities to your animal’s wellness routine. 

      See for Yourself

      Do you have an animal struggling with arthritis? Find a MagnaWave Certified Practitioner in your area and help soothe your animal’s arthritis discomfort.