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149th Kentucky Derby Winner Mage and MagnaWave

Champions Choose MagnaWave

Kentucky Derby winner Mage proudly sported a MagnaWave-branded nasal strip as he galloped to victory at the 149th Kentucky Derby. Mage uses MagnaWave to recover after training and races. MagnaWave, a leading innovator in Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF), improves muscle recovery and reduces the soreness associated with muscle strain and lactic acid buildup.

Mage’s trainer, Gustavo Delgado, is no stranger to the power of MagnaWave. In preparation for the Kentucky Derby, Delgado enlisted the expertise of Keena Cox, a certified MagnaWave practitioner, to incorporate PEMF into Mage’s training regimen. Cox, a passionate advocate for equine wellness, has witnessed firsthand the transformative effects of MagnaWave on horses across various disciplines.

“All the horses I have worked on have benefited from MagnaWave, Mage as well. He has stayed so sound and strong, and we know MagnaWave has helped keep him in the best shape to win.”

Keena Cox, Certified Practitioner

Mage and his groom Moises Morales

Win, Place, Show

Mage wasn’t the only MagnaWave winner in 2023. The second and third-place horses, Two Phil’s and Angel of Empire, are also confirmed MagnaWave users. Angel of Empire’s trainer, Brad Cox, used MagnaWave on all four of his 2023 Kentucky Derby horses, including Hit Show, Jace’s Road, and Verifying. Brad Cox boasts MagnaWave’s ability to relieve muscle stiffness and soreness on his horses, putting them in a “happier place to train better and making them a happier horse overall.”

Honoring Mage

The Kentucky Derby Museum captures Mage’s legacy with a life-sized statue of the champion thoroughbred equipped with his MagnaWave nasal strip. Tune into the 150th Kentucky Derby on May 4, 2024. We hope to see another MagnaWave horse in the winner’s circle!