The MagnaWave Difference

What sets MagnaWave apart from other companies?

First and foremost, MagnaWave is a family and with this family approach, MagnaWave has grown the largest practitioner base worldwide with over 2000 certified practitioners and we hold the largest PEMF conference in the world, every two years, known as MagnaCon. 

At MagnaWave, we believe that education is of utmost importance, and we include online training with every machine purchase at no additional cost! The online training covers how to use and care for your machine, science behind PEMF, and how to best apply it for pets, horses, and livestock. In addition, we provide an optional one day hands-on training in our hometown of Louisville, KY. There is an additional cost, but we encourage you to join us! In addition to providing you with the knowledge and training on PEMF, we are also big believers in helping to set-up, market and grow your business if this is the path you choose. You may be purchasing a machine for personal use only, but those who do want to grow a business, and be their own boss, we have you covered!!


During this 3-day conference, we bring in both Medical Professionals, Veterinarians, and PEMF Professionals to discuss the latest in our ever-growing industry. This event is open to both practitioners and the general public and is a great way to learn both about the knowledge and business of PEMF and about our company.

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Online Training

We offer a full Online training through the MagnaWave Academy, so you can use your machine to the best of its abilities! The online training can be taken at your own pace and covers how to best apply the machine for pets, horses, and livestock. This is free with the purchase of a new MagnaWave machine.

Hands on Training

MagnaWave offers a full day where we work with you in a small group to further your education and knowledge on PEMF and its application in the real world. Hands-on training is an additional cost, but we encourage you to join us in Louisville, KY, and learn from the experts. Training is available throughout the year so you can schedule it when it is convenient for you.

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Marketing & Business Support

MagnaWave offers website and logo design, as well as custom videos and social media setup help. We have dedicated staff at MagnaWave to help you from the ground up or add MagnaWave and market it through your already established business. No other PEMF company is as dedicated to helping you grow and become a success. 

Machine Quality and Price

MagnaWave hasthe largest range of PEMF machines on the market, we also deliver the most affordable machines for you and your family. With more than 15 years in business we have developed products that are unique to our company. With customizable options and more innovation than any other company, we are consistently leading the field in development and execution.

The MagnaWave Advantage

When it comes to our machines, MagnaWave has the longest warranty in the industry. All of our machines come with a full 3-year warranty and an extended 7-year warranty which guarantees 10 years of a working machine! The 3 year warranty covers any issues that happen to the machine itself, the 7 year warranty has a deductible payment, once it is reached, MagnaWave covers all additional repairs.

MagnaWave offers a “try-before-you-buy” rental program on brand new machines – with no usage limits and 100% of rental costs are deducted from Machine price. We believe in our product and the technology behind it. If you decide not to purchase after your rental period, MagnaWave offers a 50% refund on the machine rental fee* (does NOT include shipping fees). We hope you will love our machines as much as we do and decide to keep it for years to come! In case it’s not for you, this program is available to get your money’s worth out of our Try Before You Buy Program!

Please call 833-MagnaWave to speak with us about how to get started today!

*Terms & Conditions Apply

MagnaWave provides both analog (spark chamber) and digital machines. Our digital machines are smart devices, so they are able to work in countries with 120 or 220 powers supplies without the need for a converter/inverter.

Our machine choices come in various cases ensuring you will have the right device for your application whether in an office or outdoors. We have MagnaWave machines for everyone, everywhere!

MagnaWave has several machines that fall into the Guidelines set by the FEI ( The International Federation for Equestrian Sport), which make them perfect for the equine athlete.

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Go with MagnaWave

MagnaWave Certified Practitioners get access to a private Facebook group that has been up for 9 + years with hundreds of searchable posts full of information for our Certified Practitioners. This allows them to connect with others for advice and protocol help. The group also includes several vets and other medical professional so practitioners can get answers from those professional who use the same equipment. This group is also monitored by our staff, so we are always available to help when needed.

MagnaWave has a dedicated app to record client sessions for when you are in the field working. There are animal diagrams that can be marked/highlighted, and notes can be made for each client and saved for your records.

MagnaWave offers an optional affiliate program. This program allows you to earn commissions if you refer someone who ends up purchasing a MagnaWave machine.

MagnaWave gives 20% discounts to our Certified Practitioners on qualified additional attachment and supplement purchases.

MagnaWave’s CEO and founder, Pat Ziemer, records weekly health and wellness webinars and goes live on Facebook weekly for discussions and to answer your questions!