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Strong & Lightweight

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Spark Chamber, portable, with a programable timer

The MagnaWave Julian is a strong, portable, analog PEMF machine! The Julian comes in an All-Terrain case which is lightweight and easy to use in a barn, office, or at home. This PEMF machine is great for business use or for those who are looking for a stronger, personal machine. The MagnaWave Julian has 20 settings, that allow you to find the perfect intensity and a timer from 1 to 90 minutes. The Julian comes standard with a Butterfly Loop, Large Loop, certification, and a 10-year warranty.


Every purchase comes with the Magnawave machine, a Large Loop, and a Butterfly Loop, but when you build a custom MagnaWave bundle, you can save instantly! When you add any applicable* attachment below, you automatically save $200 off your purchase price. The best part is that when add more attachments, you will see more savings! Each applicable attachment added afterwards is another $200 discount. If you have any questions, submit your bundle below and a Product Specialist will reach out to discuss options.

* Discounts applicable on the MagEnergy Body Mat, Mat Guard Bundle, the Wave Wings, ZOOM Paddle, ZOOM Hoof Bundle, and PEMF Pet Mat.

Grounding Power CordAdditional Certifications, and any accessory under $300 are not eligible for build a bundle discounts.

  • Short session times. Great for overall wellness!
  • Includes a built-in 1-90 Minute Variable Timer
  • Uses 2 Plug machine attachments
  • Purchase comes with 1 certification which includes online training
  • 3-year full Warranty and 7-year Extended Warranty at no additional cost
  • 60-day money back guarantee from date of purchase, less a restocking fee
  • Analog Machine (Spark Chamber)
  • High Voltage – Low Frequency
  • Voltage Input: 120VAC 60 Hz
  • Pulse Output: 1-50 Hz
  • Dimensions: 23′′ W x 16′′ D x 8′′ H
  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Contact Us for Custom Configuration for International Use
  • Product will not spark without a grounded power source
  • Made in the USA
  • Total price shown does not include shipping costs or applicable taxes.
  • Ships in 3-4 weeks. Due to worldwide supply chain delays, our normal shipping timeline may be delayed.
  • Sales tax for Kentucky residents only
  • 1 Month rental available with 100% of Rental Price Deducted from Purchase Price

“MagnaWave has completely changed my life. I suffered for years from debilitating pain due to reoccurring pancreatitis. The doctors tried everything and MagnaWave is the only thing that has really worked to help the pain. I am now able to work full time and consistently compete in rodeos. I continue to be amazed each time I MagnaWave a new person.” – Barb Moore

“I was in a wreck and got a crushed L2 Vertebrae. The doctors and I chose not to do surgery and to wait 6 weeks to see if the bone would heal without putting hardware in my back, risking paralysis. I immediately started MagnaWaving 3-4 times a week on my back and after one week of MagnaWave PEMF sessions, I was able to go off ALL of my pain medication!! The doctors could not believe how fast the bone was healing. After 6 weeks I was told no surgery would be needed.” – Haley

“Chloe, my young daughter, has Cerebral Palsy and she struggled with pain and stiffness. She would never walk down our hill without holding someone’s hand. After 2 Magna Wave sessions, she is able to walk down that hill by herself…. I’m blown away with MAGNAWAVE PEMF!!!” – Happy Mama


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Design in Mind

Pain Relief. Faster Recovery. Improved Performance.

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