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Experience PEMF for Everybody! 

Introducing Aura Wellness our revolutionary FDA registered brand of PEMF machines.

Did you know that MagnaWave and Aura machines are siblings from the same visionary company? Our Aura devices are FDA-registered making them the obvious choice for doctors and medical practitioners seeking innovative solutions for their customers. Now, we’re thrilled to bridge the gap and extend our incredible PEMF technology to personal wellness.

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The Semi 10 from MagnaWave is a compact but powerful, digital PEMF machine. Engineered for use on the go, the Semi 10 is rugged and durable. With 10 settings and an adjustable timer, your sessions are always customized for the individual animal you’re working with.

Introducing the NOVA HD by Aura Wellness, your high-powered, go-to PEMF device for at-home use. Engineered with a proprietary digital PEMF signal, NOVA HD is your secret weapon for improved mobility, enhanced performance, and reduced pain and inflammation. Its lightweight, portable design makes wellness achievable anywhere, anytime!

MagnaWave and AuraWell PEMF Benefits

Made In The USA

Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A., our MagnaWave and NOVA HD machines not only adhere to the strictest domestic quality standards but also support the American economy. This homegrown advantage sets us apart from many competitors whose products may lack the rigorous oversight provided by US manufacturing.

Stringent Safety Testing

When it comes to you or your animals' health, there should be no compromises. The NOVA HD device is safety-tested to the highest medical device standards. Our MagnaWave devices (Made in the same facility) are held to the same standard of our NOVA HD device. While competitors often fall short in terms of stringent safety testing.

Balance of Power & Safety

All our devices strike the perfect balance between power and safety. Unlike devices that offer lower power and consequently slower results, our high-power PEMF device is designed to deliver noticeable results in a matter of days without compromising safety.

Education & Excellence

We offer you the best of both worlds - high power and safety, without the hefty price tag. Our PEMF machines are priced competitively and include professional training, a solid warranty, and a unique "try before you buy" program.

Proprietary Technology

In a world of rapidly advancing technology, our devices are continually updated and improved. Unlike competitors, whose designs have remained stagnant for a decade, we believe in the power of progress. Our sleek, modern design is a testament to our commitment to keeping pace with the latest developments in the field.

User Friendly

All of our PEMF machines are intuitive and easy to use. Whether you're working in a barn, at a show, or in your home, we have the device and training that is right for you!


Our team at Aura and MagnaWave can find the right machine for you.