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PEMF Helps Livestock By Promoting Overall Wellness

How Does PEMF Work on Livestock?

Stock show season is a fun, yet stressful time of preparation and travel for livestock. Livestock feel the stress and stiffness of long days on the road, and it tends to affect their performance in the ring. Ease their discomfort with MagnaWave and watch as they relax and unwind during their session.

The Importance of Gut Health

Happy gut, happy livestock. The gastrointestinal tract has a delicate balance and equilibrium. When the balance is disrupted, gut problems can arise such as ulcers, colitis, bloat, etc.

MagnaWave can help maintain a healthy gut balance by creating an environment for cells and microorganisms to prosper. Not only can PEMF help the inflammation in the intestines, but it can also help with the metabolization of feed and supplements to keep your livestock eating well.

MagnaWave PEMF pig

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MagnaWave For Bucking Bulls

Bucking bull athletes put so much strain and stress on their bodies with the aggressive nature of their sport. This can lead to issues in their musculoskeletal system such as joint and tendon strains or fractures, especially in the back and hind legs. MagnaWave technology targets these sensitive areas by increasing oxygen to the cells, aiding in the natural recovery process. MagnaWave is the perfect drug-free, non-invasive modality for bucking bulls’ overall wellness, including pre-event relaxation and post-event recovery.

The Pros Use MagnaWave

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MagnaWave Helps With


Prevent Sore Back


Prevent Gastric Discomfort


Promote strong Ligaments


Prevent Lameness