MagnaWave For Horses

MagnaWave is used in nearly every competitive equestrian discipline for equine performance enhancement, health maintenance, and recovery. PEMF has beneficial effects in alleviating equine tendon and ligament injuries, sore backs, sore stifles, chronic hock soreness, sore shoulders, non-union fractures, laminitis, founder, stone bruises, and non-healing wounds. PEMF encourages the body to recovery naturally. Owners and trainers can generally see and feel an improvement in the way the horse moves after several MagnaWave sessions. MagnaWave for horses is a safe and effective, drug free alternative to keep your horse in optimal health.

How Does PEMF Work on Horses?

High powered PEMF devices for horses generate results at an accelerated rate and can be easily adjusted for optimal level of penetration. PEMF promotes cellular exercise, which increases circulation, blood oxygenation, and helps the body recovery naturally, while reducing inflammation, and, relieving pain. Using MagnaWave sends a pulsating charge through tissues to provide energy to large focal areas like joints and major muscle groups. Penetration of the charge can be up to 16 to 18 inches into the equine body. Twitching muscles help to identify imbalances, pain or sore muscles that need to be further worked on with MagnaWave. By pinpointing the problem areas, the practitioner is able to work at the source of pain rather than just manage its symptoms. The MagnaWave Zoom Hoof box is an excellent way to help hoof issues. MagnaWave for horses is safe to use and require no sedation.

Using MagnaWave for Race Horses

MagnaWave aids a horse in the post workout routine by assisting in recovery and reducing the soreness associated with muscle strain and lactic acid build up. PEMF helps a horse to train at its best, compete to its fullest, and bounce back from injury or work as quickly as possible. Regular use of PEMF relaxes the horse, reduces aches and pains, and improves general wellness.

Several of the Kentucky Derby winners have received the benefits of MagnaWave. MagnaWave is safe to use and does not require sedation. Besides being popular at race tracks and arenas, MagnaWave is also popular with trail riding and OTTB. MagnaWave helps a horse to stay active and healthy. Rosie Napravnik, two-time Kentucky Oaks winner, has used MagnaWave in her career to help rider and horse.

“At this point in my career I can barely imagine what it would be like without a MagnaWave. I use it so often for myself and for my horses… I use the MagnaWave before competition, after competition for recovery, after strenuous workouts, and sometimes just for relaxation.”

Rosie Napravnik

MagnaWave for Horses Can Help:

  • Tendon and Ligament Injuries
  • Sore Backs
  • Sore Stifles
  • Chronic Hock Soreness
  • Sore Shoulders
  • Non-Union Fractures
  • Gastric Ulcers
  • EPM
  • Colic
  • Laminitis
  • Stone Bruises
  • Non-Healing Wounds

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