ZigaForm version 5.7.1

MagnaWave Certification Program

What is Certification 

The certification course provides education for MagnaWave machine owners and users to properly run the machine to the best of their ability. The course is composed of 10-15 hours of content, a combination of videos, quizzes, and assessments throughout. Please note, that the certification course is subject to change and will be frequently updated with new content and information as seen fit by MagnaWave.

Course Goal:
To ensure MagnaWave Practitioners are educated and confident on how to use their machine, how PEMF works, and to best apply it for pets, horses, livestock and more.

Certification Course Outline

1. Machine User Videos

2. Machine and Attachment Care

3. MagnaWave Basics

4. Small Animal Training

5. Equine Training

6. Livestock Training

Once a Practitioner has completed all the required steps, they will be a MagnaWave Certified Practitioner and receive access to our certified resources. To maintain status as a Certified Practitioner, yearly Continuing Education is required to ensure all knowledge is up to date. If the Practitioner fails to complete Continuing Education before the end of their required year, then they will be removed from all certified resources offered.