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  • Easiest Rental Program in the Industry
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • High-Powered & Low-Powered Machines
  • Multiple Financing Options Available
  • Free 10-Year Warranty
  • 20 Years in the PEMF Industry

Built to Last

No matter if you are traveling or using at home, MagnaWave machines have a 10 year + lifespan. And we know this is true because we have been in the PEMF business for 20 years and we still have some of those first machines working in the field

Machines that offer Power

Machines that offer Low Power PEMF settings and High Power PEMF settings so you get the best of both worlds in one machine

Cutting Edge Technology

we are always innovating, and learning from our clinical trials, as the manufacturer we develop our machines to meet the needs of our customers.  Largest range of machines – from small personal use machines to larger professional use machines.


Online training Free of charge, taken at your own pace! And an online support group with thousands of community members to help you confidently use your MagnaWave.



Our machines are safety tested, and our usage guidelines and education are unmatched so you will always be getting the optimal results in the safest setting.


Range of Use

With the largest number of PEMF attachments you will be able to pinpoint any area perfectly! Also, our line of full body mats and chairs make for a relaxing experience anywhere!

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