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Who We Are

MagnaWave has been working with PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields) equipment for 15 years. We are proudly family owned and operated. All of our products are made in the United States and are third-party tested for safe and secure operation. We stand behind our machines with our 3-year, full coverage warranty and additional 7-year guarantee that you will never spend more than $700 in a calendar year to repair your machine.

Pat Ziemer, Founder, & CEO

MagnaWave CEO Pat Ziemer is a best-selling author, speaker, and mentor who is passionate about wellness and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields and the many benefits it provides. Ziemer has worked with a variety of medical professionals from doctors, veterinarians, and chiropractors who strive to do more for their clients, and their business.

Pat is internationally known for his work with MagnaWave and his best-selling book PEMF. Pat likes to keep in touch with his customers during weekly Office Hours via Facebook Live where he answers questions about machines and sessions.


Meet Our Family

MagnaWave is much more than one man. Pat Ziemer founded MagnaWave with his wife, Debi Ziemer, nearly twenty years ago. Together, they have built their company to the family that it is today. MagnaWave has hundreds of practitioners around the world, and all are considered apart of the family! They strive to help each client reach optimal results in their health and business.

In 2012, the Ziemer’s daughter, Alane Paulley, joined the company. Her shared passion for PEMF and its potential will ensure the continuation of their work for generations to come.

You can meet the Ziemer’s and the rest of the MagnaWave family during one of the many hands-on training sessions or at MagnaCon, the annual 3-day conference covering PEMF education, training and networking.

Alane, Pat, and Wife
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The MagnaWave Advantage

Through years of experience, we have developed a training program unmatched by our competitors. Our training course is completed online and consists of 25+ hours of classes to be taken at your own pace. You and your employees will become PEMF experts specializing in livestock and animal sessions.

To further your knowledge, we invite you and a guest to Louisville, KY to meet our family, learn about the devices, and explore everything MagnaWave can do for your business! All of our hands-on classes include an hour-long personalized marketing consultation. These classes are kept small, with no more than 6 people in a group, so that everyone gets one-on-one attention. Certified MagnaWave Practitioners have access to marketing support, a custom client management dashboard, and 24-hour support.

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