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We are so Thankful that we have our MagnaWave

Tressie Wickstrom

“Had a scare this morning when one of our horses, Bree, started displaying signs of colic. This is a mare we’ve had since birth, and was the first foal born on our farm, so she’s very much a part of the family. Those in the horse world know how quickly colic can turn from bad to worse, many horses die from it, and we lost a horse to it several years ago sadly.

Thankfully, Rachael Bates our farrier was out at the time, and was very helpful in assisting. My mom called and told me what was happening, and asked that I get ahold of the equine vet. I suggested we try MagnaWave on her, as I had read that PEMF has been used successfully on colicing horses.

After the first 10 minute treatment Bree was already significantly more relaxed, and seemed more comfortable, we treated her for another 10 and watched her return almost to normal, if not a little drowsy! We waited and watched for about 30 minutes and then treated for another 20. She went from clear signs of discomfort and distress to dozing peacefully. And went for a drink near the end of her treatment.

We are so thankful that we have our MagnaWave equipment on hand, and that it works so miraculously in times like these.”

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