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Thank you MagnaWave

Amanda Hawkins

“I got bucked off my colt Monday 11/9. Landed on my right side. Made sure nothing was broke, no blood ? so I got back on and schooled a bit more so he didn’t get any bright ideas for the future.After I got off I used my Semi 3 on medium with the XL wings for 30 minutes on my upper and lower body. Felt like crap the next morning but Magnawave again for 1 hour in the am and 1 hour in the pm. Kept that regiment up all week and today 11/14 I feel almost 100% again! All I have left is a small bruise on my right knee and a small twinge in my ribs if I sneeze. I have to say without my Magnawave, I’d still be feeling extremely sore and not able to function.

Thank you Magnawave!!”

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