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Shrink Mammary Lump to 1/4 its Size

Sycamore Animal Hospital

“Yesterday shrink mammary lump to 1/4 its size during a session and helped goat return to normal. My friends goat who had a broken leg that MagnaWave helped heal last year, got his head caught under a gate. He was about to give up when found late Sunday night. She has your own Semi 5 MagnaWave machine. I told her to MW the reset button and rest of the body while he was flat out. Monday morning he could stand, but would fall over. She MW him again. Monday afternoon he could walk. I worked on him with my hands on love, vertebral stacking and her MW after 10 pm. He could shake, turn neck, and walk well after that.
He is lucky goat to have lived through 2 problems with the help of MW PEMF.”

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