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She Felt Genuinely Happy to be Working

Karen Witham

I received this wonderful update from Devin the Trainer of Stonebrook Farm this evening about how her horse is improving with PEMF Therapy but also how it’s helped her put together a new training program with her horse Libby. ?

“I am so proud and impressed with Libby today and I have to thank you so much for everything you’ve helped us with!

A couple weeks ago I was feeling pretty defeated and didn’t have the happy horse I was used to riding. She was tense and spooky and wasn’t as willing to collect as she used to be. The day following that ride you came and worked on her and confirmed the tension in her muscles in the exact areas that I was feeling it. Knowing that the tension was really there and not my imagination, helped me plan a new program for her. Long and low stretching exercises with some lateral work toward the end of the week once I felt her loosen up and start to relax.

Then today, after you worked on her again, I had an incredible ride! She was relaxed but forward and energetic. She felt genuinely happy to be working. Worked a little with passage today for the first time in 2 weeks and she stayed relaxed and had more height again! And she gave me clean changes on both reins for the first time in a long time!

I truly believe that the input you gave me helped me understand what was going on her body so that I could help her physically and mentally. I am excited to have a new training plan for her for the next few weeks based on what we saw today and hope to maintain that relaxation while developing more muscle and expression.

I am super excited about this competition season again and I’m sure Libby would like to thank you too!”

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