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Severely Foundered Mare at Vet’s Office

“Severely foundered mare at vet’s office. Before MagnaWave, she would lay down 90% of the time and had stopped eating. She was 90% non weight bearing on both front feet. Her body in severe pain and on the verge of giving up. During her 1st session she stood up to eat hay, grain and drink water. I almost cried with joy. The next day vet sent me an awesome text thanking me and asking me to keep coming back. Buttercup had MW sessions 3x a wk for 2 months. Upon her last session at the Vet she was standing 90% time and walking almost normally again. She has now been able to go home and finish healing. Her owner told me herself she knows MagnaWave was a crucial part of Buttercup getting better. The vet now calls me on a regular basis to work on cases that need extra help with healing wounds.
Thank you God.”

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