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Stephanie Veloff Histed

“Another great appointment with Ashley Williams and her Sport Horse Wellness MagnaWave session!! I have amazing news to share… if there are any horse owners out there that are dealing with the dreaded sarcoids (skin cancer that presents as warts, more often seen in gray horses, that continue to grow out of control over time), this could potentially be the miracle cure. Today was my main- man show jumper, Corenn’s, 5th treatment in 6 weeks, I have not looked under his tail purposely since we began so I would have an accurate picture in my head, I should’ve taken an actual Before picture because the After picture is truly amazing! One has completely healed over and they have all noticeably shrunk in size! I’ve also taken this time to experiment with the MagnaWave replacing my regular hock injections on Corenn, as well as my 5 school horses, so will be excited to share if my horses agree that there is a legitimate alternative to the invasive procedure.”

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