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Reduces Show Schedule Stress

Sharon Muley

“Callaway’s Royal Mark, aka Mark, is a 15 year old American Saddlebred Gelding. He is a true athlete. He trains four to five days per week during a 9 month show schedule. He travels in and out of the State of Florida to approximately 8 shows during that time. In addition to a nutritious diet, veterinarian, Chiropractor, and Farrier care, Mark also receives MagnaWave Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field sessions to provide optimum health maintenance. Due to his age, Mark has become arthritic in his neck with diminished ability to bend to the left. The MagnaWave has truly improved his range of motion! With the addition of weekly MagnaWave sessions, at home and on the road during horse shows, he not only bends comfortably but he is now more relaxed in the bridle and his head set has naturally improved. Mark also has a history of swollen hind legs from mid cannon to hoof; he has “cankles”. MagnaWave has helped reduce the chronic inflammation by improving the circulation and oxygenation to that area. While these are visual examples of the benefits of MagnaWave, I think Mark has benefitted the most from the stress reducing benefits from the magnetic field. His whole body relaxes. He has even fallen asleep during treatment! I am so impressed with the work Linda McCorkle has done with the MagnaWave that I am currently working towards certification to provide this therapy.”

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