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Older Rhodesian Ridge Back

Debbie Murphy, Connecticut

“When My Rhodesian Ridgeback was around 12 and a half years old he had started to slow down quite a bit as well as having more and more trouble with mobility. I was starting to think that he might not be with me for much longer. My Veterinarian recommended that I call Theresa and Jodi at Mending Fences. They came to my home and did massage and MagnaWave sessions on Jordan. He had several sessions one week apart, then two weeks apart, then he stayed on a every three week plan for the duration. By the third week of MagnaWave he was actually playing and running a little bit, where he had only been walking before that. The way it was explained was that the initial series of sessions would help control the inflammation. Once that was gone, the MagnaWave would continue to help and they need not be every week like at the start. The difference in Jordan was astounding. He was always so happy to see Theresa and Jodi. Jordan stayed comfortable and mobile (with the sessions continuing) until just recently right before his 14th birthday when his kidneys failed. Jordan’s and my last year and a half was greatly improved by having Theresa and Jodi in our lives. In addition to the sessions, they are wise in “dog” and have little helpful suggestions about lots of issues.”

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