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Never Walk Again… Into a Champion!

Kimberly Wilson, Iowa

“He kicked it through a wall we assume but never found where. We had sent photos to 6 vets some being Iowa state and Illinois state. And were told he would never walk again even as pasture pet. Our current vet (Shaun Samualson of West Branch) was the only person who had some faith that he could be sound enough for pasture. We wrapped him for over night and took him next morning to have surgery.We had (hope) one of two things could happen. We pumped 60cc of fluid from hock down the leg to fuse the fetlock socket and if it held (it) would be great but with 10cc left it exploded telling us he tore the fetlock socket meaning never to walk sound. Never had a horse ever recovered from it.

One week after seeing the Vet

He stayed for a week to fuse the joint then came home to stall rest and hand walking before starting Therapy. This injury happened in November and by February we had him riding at winter shows with pressure wrap support. That’s when Christine introduced us to MagnaWave. We did 4 sessions every other weekend and reduced the size and enhanced blood flow by double the amount. By June he was showing the Iowa 7 day run and July was showing at ABRA world show. Since he has won 2 res world champion and pre world champion and all around.

After MagnaWave

Couldn’t tell he was ever injured. Hardly a scar. It’s an amazing story and recovery. He had 2 prior leg injuries before this both torn tendons on his hind legs from a fence.”

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