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My Dog is Able to Run and Play and Live a Totally Normal Life!

Lee Doran Thornton

“I spoke with Dr. Marty 6 years ago when my 2 year old Akita blew out her CCL and I hoped to help her heal with MagnaWave PEMF. He and Pat Ziemer were incredibly encouraging, but I was a new practitioner and needed that encouragement. Fast forward to 2020 my dog is almost 9 and able to run and play and live a totally normal life! She is also my test dog, as when she blew out her second leg while not completely healed from the first, I opted for a $3,000 surgery that involved plates, pins and a spacer put into her bone…I was encouraged to put her through the same surgery to completely fix the first blow out or she would have debilitating arthritis. It never has bothered her!.”

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