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Steve Old/ Trainer Spring Lane Ranch

“I have used the services Linda McCorkle and In Touch Equine Sports Therapy for the past 3 years. In December of 2015 Linda purchased and became a certified practitioner of the MagnaWave. I am head trainer of the Saddlebred division of Spring Lane Ranch located in Lakeland, Florida, which takes a very supportive role in the beliefs of sports therapy for the well being of their horses. MagnaWave has quickly improved the over all health and well being of our show horses as we were getting them back into peak performance shape after the winter let down. It has aided in the relaxation and stress relief that allows my horses to be more focused, increasing their energy and willingness to go to work. It has also been successful in treating some of our common injuries and issues such as hoof abscess and tendon and ligament stress.
Best Regards”

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