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Maverick Did Not Want His MagnaWave Session To End!

Thea Ann Williams

A client testimonial on a dog I worked on for her: “A couple months ago I brought home a 12 year old “pound puppy” named Maverick. This sweet old man has had a rough life which causes him lots of pain. He was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and found to be full of bird shot! His pain is pretty well controlled by anti inflammatory medications. However there are times when he has flare ups of pain and stiffness. He was having one of the worst bouts I have seen him have the other week and nothing I could do for him was helping him get comfortable! Every step he took he was miserable, head down and whining.
Thea came out with her MagnaWave to try to get him some relief. My sweet old man was immediately in love with the treatment and relaxed right into it. He had been tense for DAYS! Within just a few minutes he was releasing and the pain registering in his eyes was gone. Maverick did not want his MagnaWave session to end! He was moving more freely, putting his head up, and doing his full body stretches right after his session. By the following evening Maverick was being a silly “puppy” again!” -Kristie Albers

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