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MagnaWaving for Colic

Alan Evans

“I have a testimony from last night with my own horse, she was down, signs of shock, NO gut sounds, it was hard to keep her standing. I started with large loop for 10 minutes at a 4 on my MAIA , still no gut sounds and no movements, and signs of pain continued, I used large loop on top in Colic area, and used Velcro to hold large butterfly under the stomach and was able to do one flank at a time 10 minutes at a 7 at which time I got sound a movement and she quit trying to lay down. I didn’t have time for Photos last night, but re-enacted the loop setup this AM.

It’s like it never happened, last night she almost fell on my machine several times, had shallow rapid breath, pawing in pain, almost NO capillary refill in her mouth. It took 40 minutes, was getting ready to call vet, then she had several movements, no sign of pain and just wanted to drink and didn’t try to lay down again.”

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