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MagnaWave to the Rescue!

Becky Rus

“MagnaWave to the Rescue! Rosie (the 32 year old shetland pony with only 4 front teeth) came along with her buddies today, for company, Owner said she is so sweet, goes to the nursing homes, lets the kids play with her, since she doesn’t move much, Owner led her into the barn with me kind of pushing, her legs are pretty arthritic. and I gave her “the whole wellness treatment and a few Spot Treatments”, I have never seen such an appreciative horse, she was licking, yawning, sighing, the whole time, Got done, we led her outside and let her go in the grass (because she won’t go anywhere or not very fast). While we loaded the other 2, We went to get her and she was Headed West! We got her caught, and she stepped it right off, like she was 10, jumped in the back of the trailer like a pro, I”m still laughing, You are NEVER to old for MagnaWave and the benefits it provides! She is living proof!”

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