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MagnaWave has Helped Relieve Colic Symptoms, Hoof Abscesses, Stem Cell Regeneration, Tendon and Ligament Stress, and Has Sped Up the Healing of Wounds

Mary Ann Schaffel MLS Equestrian, LLC/ In Touch Equine Sports Massage

“We currently receive MagnaWave services from Linda McCorkle, In Touch Equine Sports Massage Therapy. We are extremely pleased with the MagnaWave services our horses have received over the past several months. We have noticed a definite difference in the overall health and happiness of our horses and have personally witnessed the relaxation and stress relief while observing some of the sessions. We have 10 show horses under a lot of stress due to training and competitions and we have observed how they have responded and relaxed during sessions. I have observed the relaxation they feel but I know that the MagnaWave is also delivering a long list of benefits such as oxygenation/circulation, reducing inflammation, reducing muscle soreness and helping to eliminate toxins. This is so important considering the training routines and show schedules our horses endure. MagnaWave has helped relieve colic symptoms, hoof abscess, stem cell regeneration, tendon and ligament stress and has sped up the healing of wounds.

As a side note, Linda recently treated my husbands hamstring injury and after only 2 treatments he felt immediate relief. This  was the case with my daughter knee. They were amazed at the pain relief and they knew the horses are getting the best of care with MagnaWave. We have experienced the full service: horse and rider.”

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