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MagnaWave Gave Me My Horse Back

Theresa Gagnon

“I was very pleased with the results of MagnaWave used on my 7 year old Haflinger mare in 2012. She has a moderate anhidrosis,(inability to sweat), and when she does it may not be adequate for the air temp. After 2 sessions she was sweating better than she had in a number of years. There is little known about this problem and even less available for treatment. The effect the MagnaWave had on her skin receptors was very exciting, they awoke and began to register again, thus telling her body to produce sweat, so far so good. If she needs more sessions it will be a long trailer ride to the Midwest from here in the east. I personally think this therapy has many unknown applications, and in my case we tried it knowing it would do no harm even if it didn’t help. So many of the options offered to me were ingested medications and had various side affects, and the one that helped, MagnaWave, had no side effects. It was a wonderful help for a young and talented mare. Thank you guys so much, you gave me my horse back!”

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