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Increasing Range of Motion

Lin Kahmer with Maria Ringler at The Essential Touch LLC

Magic is a rescue standardbred that we think is around 25 yrs old. We can’t read his tattoo so we have no idea who he was during his racing career. The pictures show him in May and how high he can hold his head. I treat him with Magna Wave PEMF roughly about once a week. The second picture shows him at the end of October.

The following are words from his foster parent Lin Kahmer.

“Here is Magic in May before starting MagnaWave sessions. This was as high as he could hold his head. Every once in a while he could get it up a just a little bit higher, but he could not keep it up. I’m beyond excited !!!  Oh, and his neck had a few tight knots that just stayed and now those are gone.  Today Maria and I got to see the amazing results of the MagnaWave sessions Magic has been having over the past couple of months. In the 2-1/2 years he’s been with me he hasn’t been able to lift his head/neck much more than level with his shoulders and today he was able to hold his head up high!!! I’m still smiling from ear to ear.”

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