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I Became Such a Believer

Cali Brandt

“I was having problems with my cutting horse’s hips tightening up and coming out all the time. She would then get sore in her hind quarters and it was time after time I was rebooking with a chiropractor. I had seen equine enthusiasts using PEMF and there was a MagnaWave practitioner coming traveling to my area. I figured I would give it a shot and have my horse treated to see if I noticed any difference. I was shocked when I rode my horse for the first time after her treatment. I had never felt her move so freely and extend her body. As the practitioner continued to make monthly trips to my area I continued with treatments. I became such a believer that I decided to purchase the system and start my own journey with MagnaWave. Since owning my own system I have been able to treat my cutting horses on a regular basis between shows to keep their physical fitness in top shape and help their bodies recover after hauling across Western Canada. I truly believe that if it were not for MagnaWave treatments I would have not had the success I did in the cutting pen this year. We just finished our last show and ended up finishing our season in the $15,000 Amateur 3rd in Canada, 1st in British Columbia, and 3rd in Alberta. I love telling people the benefits of MagnaWave!”

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