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HYPP Seizures Have Stopped

VickyLynn Toporek

This is Savannah, an approximately 10 year old mare with Impressive breeding.  She is a registered Paint.  She also is HYPP positive.  Mrs. Milner of Go With It Farm in Georgia called regarding a MagnaWave session for her.  She was currently having seizures 1 to 3 times a week. This mare is a walk trot lesson mare who loves her job.  With the seizures suddenly appearing and their frequency increasing, Savannah was sidelined in the lesson program.  Her first MagnaWave session was very interesting.  The intercostals pulsed on both sides, and she wanted her poll continually treated by moving me forward.  Her pectorals were quite tight, and after her first treatment, the seizures stopped! The second session showed no intercostal pulsing. She enjoyed her poll, neck, shoulders, back and rump treated.  She is currently seizure free and back toting children around for their lessons.

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