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Foundered 32 Year Old Arabian Mare

Jody Murray

“I have worked on many horses that sold me on the MagnaWave but the first was a 32 year old Arabian mare that had foundered numerous times over the years. She also had the metabolic disease, Cushing’s, which also made her tend to founder. The owner said that at her age she could not save her again if she foundered again.

When I started working on her, she could hardly walk and hated to be petted anywhere but on her face. After her first treatment, she was able to go out on the pen with her barn buddy. The next day she walked the pasture and on the 3rd day after her first treatment she was trotting. I worked on her once a week for the next month and at the end of the month you could hardly see a limp in her gait. She also could be groomed with a soft brush.

The vet came out after the 1st month and could not believe she looked so wonderful. He noticed that her glands where smaller and wished I had been around much sooner in the mares life.

Thank you.”

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