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Floating at the Trot and Doing Flying Lead Changes in the Pasture!

Robinette Black Travis

“I have got to share. My gelding just had a second MagnaWave session (three weeks apart) the first session was scheduled because there were some suspected back soreness. Within two days he was floating at the trot and doing flying lead changes in the pasture. During his first MagnaWave session he was very reactive to the pulse. At the end of the session he was very relaxed and after about 10 minutes he did the most fantastic whole body stretch.

I scheduled a second MagnaWave appointment just as a recheck. He was doing well but I wanted to see if his reaction was improved. Well, he was less reactive and went into almost a trance. After about 20 minutes he licked and sighed and did another super stretch. I swear he stretched so high through his withers he was a foot taller – just totally amazing. After another minute he like totally woke up and was ready to play and get a cookie! Can’t wait to see how he moves tomorrow.

Thank You MagnaWave!”

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