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Degenerative Neurological Disease

Theresa Gagnon/ Jody Murray LTC MagnaWave

“I met Jodi at a Pug Social in 2009. She evaluated my pug Daisy, and suggested that she may need chiropractic at that time. After several sessions doing chiropractic and acupuncture, Daisy’s progress leveled off and they felt it was no longer helping her. She was having trouble standing on the linoleum in the kitchen, her legs would slide out from under her. I reconnected with Jodi and she started working on Daisy – using massage and MagnaWave. Daisy improved dramatically after one MagnaWave session, and could now stand on the kitchen floor! We have continued MagnaWave sessions with Daisy, and through this therapy, she had been able to maintain mobility for the next year. She now has to use a wheelchair, due to the fact that she has a degenerative neurological disease, but she remains happy and mobile in her chair, and still gets her MagnaWave sessions to help with circulation and comfort. Thank You MagnaWave!”

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