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Dairy Cows and MagnaWave

Jessica Paquette

“A really good friend of mine is a dairy farmer. Messaged me to see if I had banamine on hand, obviously did (cause horses) but also told him about MagnaWave. So after work, I headed to his farm, with banamine and my MagnaWave(semi 5). This cow had been down, not eating, or drinking. We waited on banamine until after MagnaWave. 15 minutes into MagnaWave, the cow grabbed a handful of hay, she peeled up some. 25/30 minutes in she had grabbed 4 different handfuls of hay, along with some grain. In the 40 minutes of MagnaWave, she attempted to get up 3 times, 3rd time with more try and was almost successful. He did administer banamine after MagnaWave. I had to get going, but between 1-2 hours after I left she stood! And has eaten and drank more in the last 16 hours then she had the past 2 days. Maybe it was the MagnaWave, maybe the banamine, maybe both. But now I can check off MagnaWaving a bovine.”

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