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Can’t Say Enough

Becky and Bob Locke, Southern Cross Performance Horses

“I cannot say enough positive statements about the MagnaWave sessions that Shannon Pullifrone has done on our horses. Of course, in the beginning we were skeptical about what these treatments could do for our horses. Shannon is very astute with examining each horse and immediately discerning what the issues are with each one. We found out quickly, that the treatments can accomplish a great deal. We have Arabian and Half Arabian show horses. Some are older seasoned horses and some are young prospects. Some are coming back from injuries and some just benefit from the sessions keeping them feeling good through all of the training that we ask them to do. We feel that the machines are good, but they are only as good as the practitioner operating them. Shannon’s knowledge of the horses anatomy and her experience as a trainer and as a horseman are paramount to the success that we have experienced with the MagnaWave sessions.”

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