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Bringing Rodeo Mare Back to Her Feet

Jenifer Keslinger RT(R)/ St. Dominic Hospital

“I started using MagnaWave on this horse on 8/12,  she wouldn’t put any weight on her front right, and was leaning on her back end with a 3 degree rotation. I worked on her for more than 2 hours because I have the smaller Semi machine, doing the unwind procedure, targeting pain points, her back, and other 3 legs.  I don’t think she had any circulation in the lower right leg so she pawed the whole time using the MagnaWave.  Within a couple hours she stopped leaning on her back end and was eating better.  The owners say her entire demeanor changed.  I worked on her the next morning, and she was much better, more relaxed and putting some weight on that leg.  The next day I did the sameMagnaWave session.  She didn’t paw at all when on her bad leg.  Since then I’ve worked on her 3 more times using the same MagnaWave session.  The owners were icing her constantly throughout the day, and starting Tuesday I left them my respond laser to laser founder points once a day. On the 13th they also put a special shoe on her.

On 8/10/2016 the vet gave her a 50% chance of surviving, and checking her Sat, now he gives her a 60-70% chance of running again.
Her rotation is still 3 degrees.

I am amazed at the results in just a week.  I’m going to continue to work on her 3-4 times a week because this is a high dollar rodeo winning mare.

Thanks for your help.  I don’t think this mare would have made it if it weren’t for the MagnaWave session!”

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