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A Second Chance

Vicky Toporek

“Gizmo is an 8 year old Papillon cross.  His parents are an elderly couple in their late 60’s.  They were traveling in an automobile, Gizmo in his doggie seat, when they were involved in a serious automobile accident.  The elderly gentleman broke all his ribs on one side of his body and his wife was admitted to the hospital in a coma.  Gizmo flew from the back of the car into the dashboard jamming his thoracic region.  He was paralyzed from the shoulders back unable to relieve himself.  I was called by one of the vet techs at the Dahlonega Animal Hospital regarding Gizmo’s condition. We continued MagnaWave sessions for the the next two weeks, and his condition was continuously improving. Two weeks later, we found a temporary home for Gizmo with other dogs, a treadmill and dog pool for rehabilitation.  Gizmo is now relieving himself and starting to stand.  Furthermore, he as a two wheeled cart and is a speed pup !!! We are aiming for Gizmo’s full recovery and the return home of his elderly mom from the hospital to coincide.”

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