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A Comeback from Colic

Sommer, Dave, & Mesa Strain

“I started using my new MagnaWave wave in January and it quickly became apparent just how impressive it is. We started Strain Quarter Horses and Equine Therapy and worked on myself and our horses to get dialed in on the machine. In March one of our barrel horses was showing signs of colic so I MagnaWaved her while waiting on the vet, she did improve and became more comfortable but it was discovered that she had peritonitis and was very sick. We left her at the clinic and we were told that if she survived she would be there 4 weeks on lots of antibiotics and of course a large bill. We MagnaWaved her everyday for about 45 minutes doing a full body session then concentrating on her abdomen and using acupuncture points for stomach.  We did this for a week and she was doing so much better that they let us take her home and administer meds . We continued daily MagnaWave sessions and when we took her in at the two week mark to check her blood levels the vets were amazed at how quickly she had recovered. All blood work indicated she had completely recovered in just two weeks. She belongs to our daughter Mesa Strain who is so thankful to have her mare back in the arena and a huge thank you to MagnaWave. I am so happy I took the plunge and purchased from you.”

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