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These are the real stories from MagnaWave practitioners and users from around the world! Their wellness journey is why MagnaWave exists and the reason we want to help spread the power of PEMF.

The LZR helps my sister who suffers from terrible migraines. I use it on horses and my son used it on his planter fasciitis and is pain free. 

Theresa B
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The LZR is a great machine. I have been using it for pain management, sinus issues, belly fat, fever sores, sciatic pain. It works really well!

Robert S
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I have fluid on the side of both of my knees. MagnaWave takes the discomfort away, but not the fluid. The LZR did. Used it daily, sometimes twice, for two weeks. Right knee, fluid gone. Left knee, half gone. I've had this issue for years. 

Mary H
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I have the LZR. The biggest benefit I have seen it make quickly is with my PSSM client. The horse was rock solid and positive for 2 types of PSSM. My first session with him was MagnaWave only and a few days later I added LZR over his whole body. The horse who I have been working on for a year who was unrevealed and had a euthanasia date is now rideable and sound at all three gates and that date has been cancelled. Definitely worth having!

Maureen B
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I have one (Julian Duo) and I LOVE it! I went back and forth about getting it because of the cost but I am so glad i did! I wish I would have bought it sooner! I treat a lot of horses and love that I can do their front feet and/or hocks while I do their bodies. Having the two attachments is so time saving and I love that you don't have to sacrifice power like you do with a splitter. 

Christine L
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I need a double knee replacement due to a genetic degenerative arthritic condition. I'm putting it off because of my age. I'm only 50, and my doctors would really like me to get to 55-60 before undergoing the surgery. MagnaWave has been amazing in helping to control my pain and keep me able to do this physical work on my equine clients!

Julie M
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My sister-in-law has stage 4 lung cancer. She asked her doctor if I could give her MagnaWave sessions. She receives chemotherapy every 3 weeks. The doctors told her to do it. The pain relief from the MW sessions has been phenomenal. The cancer sizes are dramatically shrinking!

Wendy O
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