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Your Every Horses Best Friend


Testimonial Tuesday:
“We all know that horses pick up on “good vibes” (or negative ones!) from each other, the environment, & their riders… I believe the MagnaWave pulsed electromagnetic fields and the relaxation that it imposes on its recipient travel “beyond the magic box.” I often find owners become relaxed as they watch their equine partners sigh deeply with relief. At this particular barn, many of the horses are found to have their heads over their stall fronts yawning while I’m there. Yesterday, one of the horses watched a couple of sessions and was then exercised in the arena. His rider came out and said, “He was so calm and mellow!” The last time I was here, another onlooking horse let out a ton of yawns, and an observer of his next ride commented how relaxed he was. This picture shows barn dog, Willy, standing and snoozing next to the machine (which he also did last time!). In the crossties behind him is Beezie, watching his buddy enjoy a session while awaiting his turn! Shortly after this photo was taken he did a big downward dog stretch, and again later with the coils on his hind end. “You’re like every horse’s best friend” is a phrase that never gets old. Ride the wave.”

A horse and dog in a therapy session

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