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“I have been actively MagnaWaving professional powerlifters and other various athletes for over 3 years. The results have been astounding. I’ve seen injured high-school sprinters break state records, I’ve seen powerlifters achieve personal bests, and break state records and win national titles. I’ve helped Olympic speed skaters free up deep and painful quad spasms they’ve had for years – in just under 2 minutes.

Any athlete that has been MagnaWaved by our office notices an immediate, lasting change that allows to them to compete in their event without having to numb the area with shots, opiates or COXII inhibitors.

The MagnaWave is real, heals vs masks the symptoms, all the while giving the athlete full neuromuscular feedback during the event to prevent possible injuries during, or after the event they are in.

Imagine having torn muscles and joints in your low back. Now imagine a device that is non-invasive, set over that area and physically change and heal the spot, reduce swelling and pain, and allow for returning back to the event without worry of chronic injuries creeping up at the middle or end of a career.

I have used PEMF on hands, wrists, shoulders, necks, upper back, pec muscles, low back, quads and feet – and all with 100% positive results.

The muscles of athletes are usually different than that of a lay person, in that a high-repetition motion has been established, and a neuro pathway created to make all the soft tissue respond without having to focus or concentrate on the body. This can often create a discord when injured.

Using the PEMF on these areas return the tissue back to their uninjured state – all natural – and without side effects.

Imagine a golf player with low back, elbow, forearm and wrist pain and stiffness. Using a T.E.N.S. unit or Ultrasound or Interferential Current, along with deep tissue massage and cold laser and acupuncture can help break loose adhesions, but are limited to depth, and boney obstacles.

The MagnaWave travels through all those types of tissue, and is non-electrical. There is no shocking or numbing – the reason the pain is gone is because the PAIN IS GONE – not masked or numbed.

If I had to MagnaWave a golf pro with a PEMF, I would check to see if all the ranges of motion were correct. Golfers have extraordinary lumbar rotation as well as chest and shoulder stretch and power. Placement of feet, arch support and knee rotation are the foundation of a powerful swing.

PEMF would be used on the low back, most likely L5, L4 and the Sacro-illiac joints; the pecs and rhomboids; the pulling forearm as well as the power arm, and then the hands and wrists.

That protocol would be repeated 2 times a day for 3-4 sessions – which could be daily or every other day.

Drinking water/fluids before and after each session would recommended as well.

Using the PEMF all by itself produces amazing results. Some athletes may also benefit even more with manipulation of hips, spine, extremities and wrists as well, if needed. Natural anti-inflammatories (fish oil, turmeric and black pepper) would be used to help speed up the healing of tissues (which is hard to do if there is a buildup of inflammation).

Using this approach with MagnaWave has been one of the best ways I’ve been able to achieve fast, lasting results, and I would recommend this protocol for all athletes and professionals that are showing signs of repetitive micro-trauma, or are seeing a plateau during training or actively competing.”

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