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She’s Hooked


“I’ve only had a recent experience with a client and it was her first ever shingles outbreak, did 5 minutes over the spot with the butterfly on low and 2 minutes moving up the spine to the base and back of the skull and 3 minutes with the mat behind her back while she sat in her recliner. She started having relief that evening (approximately 6 hours after the session). That evening she did not have to take any medications for pain and of course MagnaWave does what it does and made her sciatica pain go away. She said it was the first time she’d slept through the night with NO pain and without her pain medication. She received a 2nd session (zoom paddle over the spot on low 2.5 minutes spine up to base of the skull, 5 minutes may at comfortable setting) the next day and then skipped a day and did a 3rd session with the mat on comfortable setting. She’s hooked because her shingles spot shrunk considerably and no longer has symptoms of pain or itching by the 2nd session and her sciatica hasn’t returned yet.”

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