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PGA Tour Member’s MagnaWave Success with Athletes

Twelve years and a couple of wins into my career on the PGA Tour, a severe ruptured disc forced me to retire from professional golf at the age of 37. Because of the location of the injury, my orthopedic surgeons recommended a long rehab as opposed to surgery, fearing the scar tissue from the surgery could be a major issue down the road. This was 1988, and TENS technology was about all there was beyond ice, anti-inflammatory medication, or surgery, for treating disc injuries and inflammation.

If only I would have had a MagnaWave Maxx in 1988, I might still be competing today, albeit on the PGA Tour Champions.

I learned of MagnaWave from a close friend in central Florida who had suffered for many years as a result of multiple back surgeries and a bone on bone knee. Following five treatments per week for seven weeks, he was able to return to doing the things he had not been able to do for years. More importantly, he was able to eliminate the hundred pain pills per month that he had been taking to be able to work.

As someone who has been involved in and around sports my entire life, I have always been interested in training methods and treatment technologies but this sounded too good to be true. But I knew I needed to know more. After exploring the web site and visiting with Alane Pauley, I informed my long time family physician, Dr. Duane L. Bork, and we began a 6 month trial with his patients, many of whom were dealing with chronic pain issues. With the exception of one patient, who only came for one treatment, everyone we treated reported improvement, some citing a complete elimination of their pain. We were treating ankles, feet, shoulders, backs, knees, hands and everything in between. We even had a patient with severe arthritis in his hands resume playing golf with no pain after 12 weeks of one treatment per week. Even better, we saw zero contraindications.

Following our trial at Dr. Bork’s office, I began a practice here in Jacksonville that has us at three different Dr’s offices each week along with the fitness centers at Marsh Landing Country Club and San Jose Country Club. The MagnaWave success stories continue and even include fellow PGA Tour players and friends Vijay Singh and Billy Kratzert. Vijay was struggling with knee, ankle and hip problems in the summer of 2017 when we were running our trial. After convincing him to try a couple of treatments, he bought a MagnaWave Maxx, began using it, and has won four tournaments since. Needless to say, he continues to use it regularly. We recently resolved the tendinitis in Billy’s wrist that had been causing him significant pain every time he practiced or played.

We are now two years into our practice in Jacksonville and we continue to see success after success. A number of NFL, MLB, and NHL teams are now using MagnaWave. Every golf course/country club that has a fitness center should have MagnaWave available to its members. As more and more aging people attempt to exercise and stay fit, MagnaWave is the perfect solution for body maintenance and recovery.

In addition to the people we treat I use the MagnaWave regularly myself and can practice and play without limitation. So please use me as a source for developing your relationships in the golf industry and know that I am more than happy to make myself available for conference calls to assist you.

Woody Blackburn
PGA Tour Member

Woody Blackburn

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